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Our Scholarship Recipients are Extraordinarily Deserving!


Our scholarship recipients come from Justice High School, a public school with a highly diverse student body. Many face more than the usual difficulties along their path to a college education. Among our 2023 Justice HS Scholarship Fund recipients:


  • 70% are the first generation in their families to attend college,

  • 100% completed IB classes,

  • 85% qualified for free or reduced rate lunch,

  • 70% are Pell Grant eligible, and

  • 85% speak a language other than English at home.

Many of our recipients have worked during high school to help support their families or regularly care for younger siblings while their parents work. Many come from families who are unable to provide any financial support for college.


Despite these challenges, our recipients have persevered — taking challenging IB coursework, volunteering at school and in the community, representing Justice HS on the athletic field, and pursuing talents in art, music, and theater. With your

support, they are ready to succeed in college and beyond.


Our recipients pursue a wide range of studies including:

  • architecture

  • business administration

  • computer science

  • criminal justice

  • cyber security

  • education

  • engineering

  • finance


  • fine arts

  • graphic design

  • health administration

  • humanities

  • information technology

  • international affairs

  • marketing

  • mathematics and science


  • medicine

  • nutrition

  • nursing

  • performing arts

  • public health

  • social sciences

  • social work


These students attend a broad array of colleges and universities.  Click here for a list of schools attended by our scholarship recipients.

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