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Donor Spotlight: Why Little River United Church of Christ Contributes to the Justice HS Scholarship

At Little River United Church of Christ in Annandale, members and friends have come to know, and be inspired by, 2017 scholarship recipient, Deniz Lopez-Jimenez. Deniz is a junior at George Mason University with hopes of entering their nursing program in 2020. His involvement at Little River began as a volunteer for "First Friday", a parents' night out program, in 2013 when he was in middle school. Since then, he has continued to be an enthusiastic volunteer and participant in many activities from pancake suppers to silent auctions and singing with the youth and adult choirs. He has also traveled with our youth on mission trips to Mississippi and Puerto Rico to rebuild hurricane-damaged homes.

Having grown and matured from middle school to college, and with his positive attitude and giving nature, Deniz has become endeared to many people in the church community. It has always been apparent that academics are a priority for Deniz. This is especially admirable because, despite some personal challenges and hardships, Deniz has managed to stay focused on his educational and career goals.

Knowing that Deniz strives to make the most of every opportunity he encounters and that he is thriving at GMU, the church is inspired to continue to give to the scholarship fund that has provided support for Deniz and other college-bound students in the community.

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