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Jennifer Discua Hernandez Memorial Scholarship

We are so pleased to announce the addition of a new scholarship, to be awarded for the first time to a member of the Justice HS Class of 2021. Created by Justice High School staff to honor an alumna, this scholarship embodies the strength, kindness and commitment of our community.

Jennifer “Jenny” Discua Hernandez passed away from leukemia in 2020. Inspired by Jenny’s grace and indomitable spirit, Justice High School faculty and staff created a new scholarship in her memory.

Jennifer arrived at Justice High School from Honduras in the spring of 2016 speaking only Spanish. Her desire to learn English and excel academically is something Justice teachers and staff will always remember. Jenny’s tenacious spirit, eternal optimism, and love of life was unparalleled. She was a light to all of those around her and her positive outlook inspired others to not give up on their dreams regardless of their current situation. Her cancer diagnosis never got in the way of pursuing her high school diploma and courses at Northern Virginia Community College. Her goal was to use her difficult experiences in the hospital and her bilingual skills to help others navigate similar situations. This scholarship will support an English Learner who embodies Jennifer’s spirit and who will attend Northern Virginia Community College.

We welcome the chance to help JHS teachers and staff to honor Jenny and encourage another student’s college dreams.


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